YouTube new features 2020 : Guidelines to use

In October 2020 the video streaming service came with a few of YouTube’s new features designed to increase the user experience. Approx. 2 Billion users are using YouTube for streaming Movies, Videos, Tutorials, Reviews, and DIYs for years.

YouTubes’ new features help you to add video Chapters, find your place, and recognizing buttons on the Video screen. All these cool options can be used on the iPhone and Android platforms within the YouTube app. Few of the newly added YouTube features can also be used on your desktop.

If you are not seeing any new feature then you need to update your YouTube App on You Smartphone. Here are the 5 amazing ways to enjoy your video on YouTube.

YouTube New Features

YouTube new features include Easy access to the caption button 

You just need to tap the CC icon in the top-right corner of  your video screen to turn the captions on and off.9

Before this YouTube feature, It was so time taking and complex as you need to go through video settings.

Now you can autoplay the video from the screen so it will be easier to switch on and off. This option is only available on phones and YouTube is testing it for desktop version too.

Video chapters to navigate through the sections

Now You can enjoy any Section of a YouTube Video and re-watch a portion again without skipping through a video,

With YouTube’s new feature you can now navigate through chapters by directly jumping forward to a specific section. YouTube Video now Contains a description of what the section is about and viewers can select any block of the video by its description.

All videos do not contain chapters, It’s now the video creator,  who will manually add chapter by listing timestamps in their video description.

YouTube new features also have some new gestures to watch videos

Now you can simply swipe up on the video to enter it on full-screen mode, and simply swipe it down to exit full-screen mode.

You may be used too to tapping the full-screen icon on the right lower side of a video screen when you want to enjoy a video in full-screen.

For iPhone users, this feature works only from the middle of the full screen. If you are an iPhone user simply swipe down to exit full-screen mode from the middle of the full screen rather than the top. If you do so from the top you’ll end up wiping down your iPhone’s home screen.

Bedtime reminder to take care of your health

Sometimes we get sucked into any YouTube videos for hours without realizing the time. with YouTube’s Bed Time reminder you can prevent that. This tool lets you set reminders for specific times to stop watching any videos so you can be more productive.

To set up the bedtime reminder, just open the YouTube app on your phone and tap your account setting in the top-right side.

Select Time watched and toggle the switch on to Remind you that it’s your bedtime. just select a start and end time, you can also choose whether YouTube to wait until you finish watching the video before sending any reminder.

YouTube also reminds you to take a break, under the same setting.

Suggested actions

YouTube also introduced suggested actions to enhance your video-viewing experience. The actions will suggest you rotate your phone or play a video in VR mode, for a better user experience.

If you’re watching any video that would look better in landscape mode, you’ll see a suggested action below to rotate your action. You can dismiss the actions by pressing the close (X) button.

according to YouTube, Viewers will enjoy some more suggested actions in the near future as they are planning to introduce a few more actions soon.

So stay connected for all of them.

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