MyGate Customer Care Number Ultimate Society Management app During Covid19

During a Pandemic Like COVID19 some society management apps are rising because they can somehow check the Corona-virus spread. MyGate is one such app during great in such a pandemic situation. we are here, sharing everything about MyGate with MyGate Customer Care Number.

Since Its Launch in 2016 MyGate has been disrupting the security and community management industry to become the market leader.

MyGate Customer Care Number

MyGate: Ultimate Society Management app During Covid19

Let’s read what My Gate exactly is?

An app that simplifies life for everyone in a gated community, from residents and management committee members to security guards and facility managers. Packed with features, it reduces many hassles—authorizing entry of delivery executives, paying maintenance bills, raising a ticket to the facility manager—to a single click.

MyGate app provides great all-round customer experience, with superlative support and the regular addition of smart features.

Innovative features: 

  • E Intercom,
  • Leave at Gate
  • Daily Help Management
  • Make your guard more efficient to make the community safer
  • Choose how to interact with neighbors
  • Manage accounts.
  • Available to every home for a whole month at the cost of a cup of coffee.
  • Available round the clock

Let See, What MyGate Tell More about Themselves?

Our customers are at the heart of every solution that we create. This is why the vast majority of our staff is focused on customer service. Over the past three years, we’ve trained over 1.5 lakh guards, onboarded over 7 lakh daily help, and delivered demos to residents of over 1 million homes.

This is in addition to always being available, on the phone, email, and in-person, to ensure you always have a great experience.

For everyone at home

The MyGate app is for everyone in the community. To ensure that it’s easy for people of all ages to use, we’ve ensured that every interaction can be completed in no more than a couple of clicks. So, whether a senior citizen wishes to learn the maid’s attendance or a college student who wants to approve a food delivery, it’s intuitive and effortless.

Good to go in a week

MyGate is for communities of all sizes. But even those with thousands of residences go live in a week. During this time, we’ll help onboard all your residents, train and test your guards to use our guard app, configure the site to your specifications, and give your residents a demo, too. All of this ensures high adoption within the community and quickly helps the committee achieve its goal of enhancing security and convenience.

MyGate Helpline, MyGate Customer Care Number

MyGate Customer Care Number           1800-123-2084

Email Support                                  ,

Source: MyGate Official Website

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Choose and use every app and every step wisely during the pandemic.

MyGate Customer Care Number

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