15 Trend to Watch-Out in 2021: Android App Development

Android is developing each day as the most used operating system. As 2021 is knocking on our doors here are some Android app development trends to watch out for 2021, these trends not only decide the future of the Android platform but also change the technology how we use it.

Android is the most demanding platform because of its ease of use, Android platform has an 85% market share and Google Play have around 3.04 million applications related to utilities, games, tools, and many more that support Android OS.

Android apps we use today are about to evolve so that, these are going to rule the world in upcoming years. Because of this, Android app development solutions that understand the Android operating system very well, are also evolving and are the next big changes to happen in 2021 and upcoming years.

For our curious readers, who wish to stay ahead of the time, we are listing some of the Android app development trends which are going to transform the app industry.

Android App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2021

Android App Development

If you are running an online business or you have any webspace for which you want to develop an android app. You need to understand all the Android app development trends very well. Here are a few of them –

Security and Enterprise Solutions

Android OS runs many apps like Google, Gmail, Office, Drive, Calendar, etc. which makes it a great business platform too, so security and enterprise solutions become the key options for everyone to look for.

Out of total android users, only 50% of users use any type of Security app on their smartphones. There are approx. 3.5 million malicious applications are trying to steal our valuable information every second.  There are so many apps being utilized around the world to tackle this situation, Hence enterprise-level tools and Applications with a high level of security will be the vital Android App Development to watch out for in 2021 and the Coming years.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (AI & IoT)

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things are being utilized by many apps to improve the user experience through the use of various sensors and data gathered from the users.

Today’s Apps with the Internet of things support so many gadgets like Smart TV, Wrist Bands, Sports Bands, Smartwatches, etc. With the help of such apps, one can control its home and office from anywhere.

Due to Competition and Innovation Smart Gadgets are evolving day by day and are available at very fair pricing.  The Smart Gadget market is expected to grow manifold in upcoming years according to data “There will be around 75.44 billion connected gadgets globally by 2025 “.

with the support of Artificial intelligence and Machine, Learning Apps can complete tasks much easier than ever before. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things in Android, app development Platforms watching these innovation will be more interesting in 2021.

Android Instant App Solutions

Android Instant App Solutions permits the users to try any Application without installing it on their device.

Instant App is not a new thing in android app development it is already being used but due to its accessibility features, Instant Apps gaining its popularity as it helps users, to Utilize all the app feature in web without installation.

Instant App Solutions helps many business-like: Gaming, E-COMM, Publication, etc.; as these apps consume very less space, reduces system legs, and helps users to fully access the android application with their powerful UI/UX design and compatibility in various android gadgets.

On-demand Applications

As Android OS is popular in users and so its apps are. Android apps help businesses improve their user experience and improve Client servicing.

On-Demand Apps helps users to complete any task more efficiently and effectively these apps can help one to serve their various purposes like Health Care and Medicines, Retail, Food, and Grocery Delivery, Beauty, Cabs, and other On-demand jobs. This app provides instant servicing at users’ locations at their ease.

Cloud-based Android Apps

Cloud-based Android apps are the next big thing to happen in android app development space as it helps users and developers to get rid of heavy data load.

Cloud-based apps help users to access the app data from any location as these app stores their data in Cloud, which do not use any phone memory and all the user data is also saved in cloud storage.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerate Mobile pages is a great technology as it helps Publishers Increase their page Performance & Speed with an Increase in Search Visibilities. AMP Technology also helps in SEO which Improves Website ranking.

According to Google they are encouraging the use of AMP Sites because of Fast Load Speed and Increased SEO, which will drive the increased traffic to the publisher’s site.

Cross-Platform Or  Multiplatform Development

Cross-Platform or Multiplatform App development is computer software that can be implemented on multiple computing platforms. Here are dozens of multiplatform Development technologies available. Here we mentioning only Flutter and kotlin.

Flutter Multiplatform Development

Flutter Multiplatform Development is the future of android app development technology of Google.

Flutter allows development apps using native Interface, which supports the Android platform. This is one of the most used  Technological Tool to develop Android Mobile Applications.

Flutter is very Easy to learn with its native design and flexibility. Google Ads, Alibaba are few applications with a great interface, which have been developed with the help of Flutter and there are many more to come

Kotlin Multiplatform Development

Kotlin is one of the great Cross-platform development tools, with the advanced features it has the capability to replace Flutter.

Kotlin 1.3,  with its evolving features, can be the next big thing in android app development as it saves time and makes it possible to share the codes between platforms. It supports Programs like JavaScript, JVM, Linux, and OS like Windows, Mac, and Android.

Blockchain Technology

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers “, 84% of Global Companies are engaged in blockchain technology”.

Blockchain technology is one of the best Android App Development solutions available for Financial Technologies, Which serves Banks, Exchanges, etc. Blockchain technology provides more transparent and secure protocols.


Chatbots are a kind of conversational commerce, chatbots are driving the business world in a news phase, chatbots help businesses to engage customers and help in customer support and product suggestions.

With Chatbot one can integrate and showcase its main content to Google Assistant. Which will helps business with increased engagement as Google assistant is widely used by Android users, and this number is increasing each day.

Watching all these developments in the field of Android app development will be interesting as it will open more innovative ways with customer interaction.

Enterprise Mobile App Development: APM, EMM

Enterprise Mobile App Development has two major elements:

  1. Application Performance Management-APM, and
  2. Enterprise Mobile Management-EMM.

APM and EMM help With the Security and Safety of mobile apps and it helps mobile apps to make more efficient.

Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology is becoming popular as it is used to connect wearable and other gadgets with mobile gadgets nearby in an accessible range. This beacon technology is helpful to send notifications related to nearby services like cabs, hotels, deals and offers, healthcare, etc.

As Beacon Technology still growing and there is a lot more is happening in this field and watching this app development in 2021 will be really very interesting.

Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is a complete set of Tools and Guidelines that make app development jobs easy and faster. Its Advanced Library helps to build Advanced android apps. Android Jetpack works on UI, Behavior, Architecture, and Foundation.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or Virtual reality works on 3D Projection and helps in developing various Virtual Reality based Games, Architectural Apps.   This Technology still evolving and taking its shape.

According to a Survey, Augmented Reality based Gaming technology is expected to Grow $284.93 billion by 2023.

Motion Layout

Motion Layout helps to understand the transition between layouts and Animate each layout. this Technology is very useful in developing interfaces that use animation.

Motion Layout is part of the Constraint Layout library, which helps in Widget animation and motion in any Android app.

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